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Passed my driving licence theorical exam ! And more ...

There is a quite long time I did not post anything here, but this day was a special day for me. Special because it is quite an unusual day.
First, I had to wake up 1 hour earlier than unusual and go straight to the driving school agency at 7.30am. 1 hour and 30 minutes spent to check what we learn for my driving licence theorical exam.

At 10.30am, the test began. At the end, I finally got my driving licence theorical exam !!! The feeling I had was that it was really easy. I thought I was fooled because the questions was really too easy. The difficulty was not what I expected. I'm deceived and relieved at the same time. Strange feeling, isn't it ?
Anyway, I have to admit that all my hard work has finally paid and I think I can be proud of it.

At 12.00am, I go straigh to the post office, near of my home. Lucky ! I was still opened ! My post office at 12.00am ! I was able to post an iPhone 3Gs I just sold on eBay and retrieved (at the same time) an Intel Core 2 Duo E6600 I bought on Priceminister.

Then, the afternoon was simply a work time. So, it is not interesting to talk about, lol.

I was expected this special day : my driving licence theorical exam, how lucky I was when I was able to do stuff at the post office, the CPU I received ... I may be a simple day but I like when unusual day passed in the way I planned, but I did not expected the post office was opened at 12.00am, LOL !

Last thing I would like to talk about :
During the driving licence theorical exam, I was not alone, of course. There was a girl in the same situation as me. We were only two people from our driving school to pass this exam. I have to admit I spent a real good time in her company. Discussion was simple and natural. I noticed some complicity between us. She talked about what she did in life. So did I. We smiled lots of time. She even talked about her wish to see the last Harry Potter film. Just like me, she was waiting some weeks before watching this film. Just like me, she hates smokes ! The discussion went beyond the context ! Maybe I should have proposed her to see the film together ... The driving licence theorical exam was not really the best context to meet new people ...

Well, right now, I don't know how she would remember that day. On my side, I think I will not forget the time I passed with her. I will not forget her name, too. Too bad this morning was too short. I would love to see her, again ... But I guess I don't know how to do it, right now :/

May the luck be with me. I hope I would meet her, again.
* crossing his fingers *

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