A website, talking about Opensource system, video games, animations and ... myself

About the website and me.

About the website

The main purpose of this site is to give some tips and news about programming, Linux, *BSD, to share tools and opensource program I coded and may code, later. Just what I did on my previous website.
Additionally, I will talk about video games and write some technical articles about Pangya, a video game I love and play for years.

About me

I'm a french guy spending most of his time on his computer (oh really ? Isn't it obvious ? :D). I have been working for 10 years now as a lead web programmer, a system and network administrator. When I do have time at home, I may program opensource software on *BSD and custom tools for Windows, but I'm too lazy now.

In the Internet, I'm known as hika, sometimes hikapolom when the previous nickname is not available.

About my personal self, I think I'm a calm and clever-minded person but I may be nervous sometimes. One of the worse side of me is to be very lazy, in most of the situation.
I love girls :D, and I hope I will meet one girl who can boost my every day life. Really :D