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Chúc Mừng Năm Mới !

Chúc Mừng Năm Mới 2011 !

This day is the chinese new year, but also new year for other countries like Vietnam ;). Yesterday, I was in the pagoda of my town to celebrate the new year. It is the rabbit year for chinese people and the cat year for vietnamese people. From what I know, the reason of this different is that chinese people don't want a cat just after the tiger, because they seem alike.

At 23h00, visitors were coming but I can't say the pagoda was crowded. Since it is a week
day, it does not help, of course.

At 0h00, venerables gave us their words for this new year but they were relating of the past year catastrophes. Each of us received a lucky charm ;). Mine is a small girl figure, dressed in "Áo dài", that can be used as a cell phone strap. Too bad I can not use it on my iPhone 4, but I don't care because the most important thing is the gift action. We can only be thankful by receiving such a bless.

The day after (so today and I was not working), I came back to the pagoda and it was my time to take part of "Múa lân", the unicorn dance. My first time and ... it went well and I was not as tired as the practice time. The afternoon, we, some of the GDPT group, decided to visit a friend of us resting in a hospital. Since she can not go to the pagoda, we made a surprise by wishing her a happy new year in her place and improvising a small unicorn dance. We also bring her a lucky charm shrub as a gift. The funny part is that we dance in the corridor and, then, many children with their parents were assisting this small improvised show ;)

Time is precious, so we have to use it with the most possible wisdom. I hope I was in the good way ;)

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