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  • TVCenterPipe, a "hook" program for Pinnacle TV Center Pro

    TV Center Pipe

    To begin with, TVCenterPipe is a small program I made because the Pinnacle TV Center Pro software does not do something I really need.

    What is Pinnacle TV Center Pro ?
    It is the software I use with my Pinnacle HDTV USB device...

  • New BSDMon ! Code name: NeXt Gen

    This is finally a new version of BSDMon. I'm back from my laziness, thanks to some great "tools" like the Symfony framework and Diem, a powerful CMS based on Symfony.

    Symfony is a great PHP framework that helps you coding Web application and a good manner, the MVC pattern. If you don't use a PHP framework, you should really consider using one like Symfony ! ...