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  • Pangya 6th anniversary visual book

    A new visual book from Pangya JP 6th anniversary is now available for sell. I guess you can find many artwork made for this lovely game, until now.

  • Pangya EU : My beloved Arin <3

    Like my previous article, I will present you another Pangya character I love. Her name is Arin, a very young lady all boys could fall in love to (Maybe except one boy : I'm sure you will recognize yourself, lol).
    From what I know, she is a graduated magician in the Pangya island and ...

  • GDPT : The day of my ceremony entrance

    Yesterday, Saturday the 6th of November 2010, was the day of my ceremony entrance to the Buddhist vietnamese family group I belong for more than one year now.

    GDPT stands for Gia đình Phật tử, which means ...

  • Pangya US : My beloved Hana <3

    I think it is the time to present you one of my best character (or maybe my best ?) in Pangya.
    This is Hana, a cheerful and young girl who might be in love with Nuri (who knows ?). I was thinking of this fact because she travels the Pangya island in order to search Nuri. This is what I know from the beginning of the story in Pangya PSP game.
    Damn Nuri, you are soooooo lucky to have this cute girl thinking of you. xD ...

  • New banner needed !

    Like I said, I need a banner which will fit what I am and why this site exists.
    It should show pieces of computers, opensource software screenies like an *NIX terminal full of "grep", "cat", "rm -rf /" (It's a joke, ehh :D) beautiful background mixed with some gir...