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Pangya 6th anniversary visual book

A new visual book from Pangya JP 6th anniversary is now available for sell. I guess you can find many artwork made for this lovely game, until now.

I just order the book for 17.49 € (1 995 Yen) with an additional cost of 34.05 € for shipping and handling (International Express).
Yes, the shipping cost may be expensive (the double) but I recently have problems not receiving packages I'm still waiting for.
We approach the Christmas period, so the risk may be increased. I remember a package was lost during the shipment and I could not do anything (grrr).
Well, I don't want to take any risk now.

You can find this good at I was surprised the good is not restricted to Japan. I don't have to pay any additional fees (:D).
Also note that you have to create an account. You cannot use your account. and seem to be untied.

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